About Us

Who We Are

Our passion for photography , lead us to the idea of creating the Bokeh camera straps , an accessory we loved from the first moment of its creation , and we keep developing up to the the day , responding to the peoples demand for a product that was missing from the Greek market .

Why we love it:
Because it combines two kinds of inspiration , the art of photography and that of handcrafting .

Why we recommend it:
Because the universe of photography is a world without borders , limitations or discriminations ,and as a unique company in the wonderful journey of imagination , the Bokeh camera straps , are born from the need to stand out .

Why you want it:
‌Because you relate with the ideas of conceptual ,the unique , the sophisticated.That of the accessory that came to fill the void , directed to every professional and novice photographer , demanding customer , traveller , every simple person in search for that perfect gift.

Exclusively hand made with strictly picked materials ,Bokeh camera straps are an -one of a kind- touch of innovative design.
Be creative…be original

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